The Chasefrau

Her appearance means something.

Our Location

It's central to our identity, A space for art and assembly in Northside.
1569 Chase Avenue, #4

Our Events

Poetry readings, music concerts, art openings, book signings, independent theater, stand-up comedy, hotly-contested debates, collaborative art-making, radical activism workshops, crazy-ass parties, and maybe one bird fight. Mostly poetry readings.

About Chase Public

Since 2010, a space for art and assembly in Northside. More details soon.


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Hits From The Blog

Guy Fawkes or Bruce Wayne? In Search of the (Proto) Anti-hero

by S.B. Salyers I wrote this film review in 2005, the year both V for Vendetta and Batman Begins were released. In honor of Guy Fawkes Day, for your enjoyment… I am satisfied with V for Vendetta, in spite of the poor acting of Natalie Portman and the misdirection of screen icon John Hurt, by one visual image. [...]

What It Was: Short-Order Poetry

Short-Order Poetry is an event that Chase Public has put on from time to time, but this weekend we attempted it on a scale bigger than any we had tried before: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Box Truck Carnival sponsored by ArtWorks, as part of the MidPoint Music Festival in downtown Cincinnati. The poems [...]