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Guy Fawkes or Bruce Wayne? In Search of the (Proto) Anti-hero

by S.B. Salyers I wrote this film review in 2005, the year both V for Vendetta and Batman Begins were released. In honor of Guy Fawkes Day, for your enjoyment… I am satisfied...


What It Was: Short-Order Poetry

Short-Order Poetry is an event that Chase Public has put on from time to time, but this weekend we attempted it on a scale bigger than any we had tried...

a sunday lullaby

a sunday lullaby

Earlier today I was down in Lexington where I attended a fiddle concert at a local church. I heard a delightful little waltz written by Luke Thomasson called ‘Midnight on...


“The Sinews of Peace” In Our Time

The recent threat of military action, simply a worthless euphemism for “war,” against Syria on the part of President Obama not only demonstrates what so many of his supporters have...




Jacob’s Ladder

                    Jacob’s Ladder Then named Jacob, by his thigh deceived, Israel, on some god-hallowed eve Slept and dreamt of his progeny....


Love won’t hurt anymore

Cruises don’t usually get quite so much airtime between the commercials as in them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. But last week you could indulge in a gluttony...


o, breakfast!

As much as I want something simple for breakfast, I like to go a little fancy on sunday mornings. A dutch baby is a delicious showstopper that requires little more...



Bogeyman Sleepless nights like this, roaming the dark halls of someone’s home, suffers flashbacks of bogeyboy days, boy grades, and the stupid way he’d scare himself in bed–A- lone, so...


Writing has nourished me, yet I know no letters.

RIDDLE 45 A moth ate songs–wolfed words! That seemed a weird dish–that a worm Should swallow, dumb thief in the dark, The songs of a man, his chants of glory,...